Bottle Bird Feeders & Wasp Trap Kits

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Welcome to Bottle Bird Feeders UK

Observe wild birds from your armchair or at your window for hours of enjoyment!
Turns most sizes of 2 litre and 1 litre plastic bottles into a Bird Feeder!

You can now re-cycle plastic bottles into really useful Bird Feeders, to feed the wild birds in your garden.
Simply follow the instructions on the back of the bird feeder kit. Fill the recycled plastic bottle to the top with your choice of wild bird seed, and within minutes you can be enjoying watching the birds feeding.  The bottle bird feeders have a large capacity, so they don't have to be replenished so often.

Whilst it is not totally squirrel proof, if you suspend the hanging feeder and jumbo feeder from a cord or rope, this will make it more difficult for the squirrel to destroy the feeder.

Bird feeding and watching is ‘fun’ and educational for all ages!

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